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Introducing RevolutionEyez!

Finally, a portable and inexpensive instrument that allows the user to take digital photos and video of the retina and anterior segment of the eye!

Perfect for a wide range of medical professionals from family practitioners caring for diabetic patients, optometrists traveling to rural areas, instructors teaching in the classroom to veterinarians working in private practices, zoos or wildlife rehab centers.


Photos Taken with the RevolutionEyez Retinal Camera Attachment:


                                Optic Nerve                                        Retinal Scarring post Retinal Detachment                      Subconjunctival Hemorrhage


Return on Investment

With Fundus photography being a billable procedure physicians can obtain a full return on their investment in a short amount of time, then continue to generate revenue afterwards!  Read more about it here.

    *Average reimbursement rate.  Reimbursement rate will vary by state.


Check out the Filar Forum!                                                                      Why the Welch Allyn PanOptic Scope?

Here you will find useful and interesting information from the Doc himself.                   We chose the PanOptic Scope due to its increased field of view.


This Week’s Topic:  UV Protection                                                                                Read more about it here.


Out of This World Technology!

In 2009 RevolutionEyez (formally Provizion Anterior Segment and Retinal Camera Attachment) was launched into space aboard the space shuttle Discovery.  Its destination, the International Space Station.  Physicians needed a way to examine changes in astronauts’ eyes while in space.  Still in use today, astronauts continue to examine their eyes while relaying images and video to medical professionals on Earth for diagnosis.

We’re also proud to be one of the newest Space Foundation Space Certification Program Members!

Read more about it here.



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